How to make a Duct Tape Purse

All the pieces are made by sticking duct tape to each other…sticky side to sticky side. so, you just make it as tall and as long as desired.

Image 1-3 shows your how to make the duct tape sides. once finished neaten them up by trimming them.

make a smaller side for the part of your purse that is opened…your going to attach that piece and the main piece together to make your purse

next is the small side and the main side attached together with black duct tape-for contrast. this is just showing you what it looks like with one of the sides attached, and covered.

you want to make sure you put maybe 3 pieces of duct tape all the way around the piece to where you attached to two pieces this will be more sturdy.

Next we have both sides attached, now making the form of your purse. make sure you reinforce both sides where you attach the pieces, if you dont it will be flimsy. Once you have this shape, crease the edges to make more of square shape

Here comes the tricky tricky part. your going to take a piece of tape that is the length of your purse…i should actually say the circumference. it’ll be flexible so what i did was just put it on the edge of the purse frame and rolled it along until it met my starting point. then i cut it.

once you have your tape met, cut a slit in the corners so its easier to fold down onto the base of the purse

fold down the edges onto the base, you might want to put your hand inside to use it to press against when your smoothing the tape down. this is the inside of the purse base
make sure once you have your base secure that you reinforce it on the inside. this part is really hard, because its hard to see, and hard to control the tape.
Ok, now we move onto the strap measure the length you want your strap to be and put sticky side to sticky side. if the edges don’t match up its ok, we’re going to cover them anyways with black. take the same length of black but don’t stick it to another of that size. your going to cut it in half. i had the best luck by lying it on the table and cutting it with an exacto knife. Put the black tape on either side of the pink strap, but place it so that you can fold it over onto the other side of the strap.
here’s what the strap looks like when its done.

Now we’re going to move onto making the bass of the purse. do the same thing with making the bottom as you did when making the main purse

now we’re almost done, attach the strap on the inside or outside, its your pref. just attach it using a couple pieces of duct tape.. to finish off the purse ‘seal’ the edge by putting a piece of tape, like you did the strap.

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How to make a Duct Tape Wallet


Step 1
The first step is to create a large sheet of duct tape 8.5 inches by 7 inches. This is the key to any duct tape project, with a sheet of tape you can make anything! Rip a strip of tape at least 8.5 inches in length and place sticky side up on your working surface. rip a second piece of equal length and place sticky side down half way over the first strip. Fold the rest of the strip facing up over the second strip. Flip over the two strips and place a third strip sticky side down covering the remaining sticky part of the second strip. Flip the sheet again and continue extending the size of the sheet until the needed size is satisfied.
Step 2
Trim the edges, fold the wallet in half and tape the sides to create a large pocket to hold bills. 
Step 3
To create credit/business card pockets create another sheet 4 by 3.5 inches. 
Step 4
Fold 1.5 inches over. To create two more pockets, repeat the step above and then tape the two pieces together, taping the second pocket a little lower on top of the first piece. 
Step 5
Tape the edges of the pockets and then tape the whole piece to the large pocket. To create another pocket, leave the inside part untaped. 
Step 6
Make a sheet of tape (as in the first step) larger than your ID card. Cut the sheet so the outside part of the frame is slightly larger than the height and width of the ID. Cut the inside .5 centimeters, (big enough you can see you picture and info, but small enough the ID can’t fall through the opening. Now trim the outside so it is slightly larger in all directions than your ID. Tape three sides of this window to the inside of your wallet, or on top of the credit card holder. It’ll take a some trial an error to get it right, but it will be a great addition to the wallet. When your done, the ID should be able to slide into the untaped side of the holder, and once in, not fall through the open window.
Step 7
Tape the completed pocket to the large pocket and again you can create an extra pocket if you wish by leaving the inside part untaped. 
Step 8
This is the completed wallet. There are an infinite ways to personalize this design. Some ideas I’ve embeded in mine are coin pockets within the large bill pocket and placing flaps on the credit card holders so business cards don’t fall out when the wallet gets dropped. 
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Duct Tape Designs

I am introducing Duct Tape Designs. This is something that has recently captured my interest and it satisfies a creative need for me.

Duct Tape Designs is what I call my compilation of Products, Instructions and Videos dedicated to creating practical products from the ever versatile Duct Tape. In the near future I will be producing online instruction sheets, you-tube videos and an apple app that will highlight them for iPhone owners.

So, if this is not your thing then ignore it. But, for those of you who want to expand your horizons, learn a little about what your kids are into or just enjoy checking out what other people do to relax then enjoy the content on this page.

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