How to make a Duct Tape iPhone case


Duct Tape iPhone case



  • iPhone
  • Duct Tape (one or two colors)
  • Scissors or exact-o knife

Take two 7 inch strips of Duct tape the color that you want for the inside. Take two 8 inch strips of tape the color you would like for the outside. Stick the shorter inside color to the longer outside color on sticky sides with the extra inch hanging over on one side.

Wrap the first strip around the sides of your iPhone with the longer piece of tape on the outside. Wrap it tight enough that its snug but you can still slide your phone in and out. Do this with both pieces side by side.

While both wrapped pieces are tightly side by side wrap a new strip of the outside color around the middle of both original pieces so that they are now one piece.

Cut a 4 to 5 inch piece of the outside color and a square piece of the inside color. Stick the square piece directly in the middle of larger piece (sticky sides together). Leave about an inch of overlap on the top and bottom of the longer piece. This is our bottom piece that holds the phone in. With the phone still in our original piece leave equal amount of phone hanging out on top and bottom. Now attach the bottom piece we just made around the bottom of the phone with both sticky side attached to both sides of our original piece.

Take a 6 inch piece of your outside tape a fold it in half long ways attaching the sticky side together. This is our flap holder. Wrap it around the phone short ways. Don’t make it too tight because you will be tucking your flap in there when your done. Use a square piece of your outside tape to secure the end pieces together in the back.

Take another 7 inch piece of your outside tape and attache it to the sticky side of a 5 inch piece of you inside color with about two inches of overlap. Cut the side that’s not overlapping to give it a clean look. This is our flap. Line the clean end with the bottom of our original piece on the front and pull it tight attaching  the sticky end to the back. You should be able to tuck the flap in the front holder.

Thats it! Now you have a Duct tape iPhone cover!


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5 Responses to How to make a Duct Tape iPhone case

  1. Abby says:

    Does it work for i-pod touches too?

  2. Coolkk63 says:

    I would like to submit some of my work on here! Can I? I have a slightly different version of the iPhone case

  3. Avery says:

    It works for iPod touch 4 right!?

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